another philosopher (kevinerd) wrote in kockingsofchaos,
another philosopher


I'm very new to the game, I just started playing a couple days ago, and I just joined this group.

Plz help me out with some soldiers. if you want me to click on your unique link or whatever just comment me letting me know you clicked it and give me your unique link, i'll be happy to share the clickage.


- Kevin
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Im thinking opening a new community were the only thing to post is the liks regardless of whos they are and then we could go down the list every time were online. Plus I could clean it out for each new age since this one seems a little cluttered. If you or any one else who reads this is up for that please let me know.

There are other options on how to gain soldiers. You could always do something called clicking. Let me know if you haven't already discovered it, and I'll be happy to help you.

Link clicked!
Oops... link not clicked. Invalid user id.
I tried clicking yours, but the link didnt go, try reposting it.
Sorry, didnt realize how old this post was!